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We thought it would be fun to allow our customers to name any of our products. When you spend $50, you can name any of our swords, knives, daggers, fantasy décor, etc. The sky is the limit on what you could name our products. The name can be of a person, a creature, an alien, a Norse Viking evil warlord, or anything your imagination will allow!

Let’s have some real fun with it! Not only can you name our product, but you can also write a paragraph about the name you chose. Tell us the meaning of the name. We want to hear your story. Maybe you'd like to dedicate one of the products to a person and hopefully you would like to tell us why. Or, maybe if you choose an alien, a creature, an evil warlord or anything of that nature, you can tell us about him/her. Where is he/she from? How does he/she intend to use the product for good or evil? These are just some ideas. Your imagination is the limit!

Here is how it works:
  1. You purchase something from our online store ($50 or more in product).
  2. You can then name one of our products and write a paragraph about it (optional). You have two options for submission:
      1. Use the “Write a review” option on the product page of your choosing. Through this form, you can give us your name (needs to match name on the order), name of the product, explanation of name (optional), and any other information you’d like to share with us. OR…
      2. Send us an email with the information we need: your name (as entered in order), current name of product or SKU, the name you would like to change it to, explanation of name (optional), and any other information you’d like to share with us.
  3. Upon receipt, we will review, post it, and notify you You can then share the accomplishment with your friends and family. Be proud!
The Fine Print:
  1. We will keep the name for 6 months unless the product is discontinued.
  2. Use of foul or hateful language will not be accepted. Keep it fun, imaginative, and on the edge, but don’t be offensive!
  3. In the case where multiple names are submitted for the same product, Swords Knives and Daggers will proceed at our discretion.

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