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We want to hear your thoughts on any of the items you have purchased from us. As a reward for taking the time to review our items, you will receive a 5% discount code upon submitting your review.

You can leave a review any time you want OR you will receive a reminder email from us 30 days after we ship your order. Either way, you will receive a coupon code upon submitting your product review. The code can then be used on any future purchases or you can share it with a friend who has been wanting to give us a try.

Leaving reviews is super easy and only takes a few minutes.
  1. Find the product you'd like to leave a review on. Click the "Review this Item" (sometimes it says "Write a Review" link underneath the product title.
  2. Fill out the pop up form with the required fields. This is where you will enter your review. Please note: The name you enter will show up on the product page. The email address will NOT show up and it is only used for our records.
  3. We will look over your review, approve, and post it. Once the review is posted by us, you can come back to look and make sure it is posted correctly.
See, it's as easy as 1,2,3!  Here are some things to think about when leaving us a product review: Once you've had some time to try out the swords you bought, tell us how have you liked them so far? Good quality? Are you happy with your purchase? We'd certainly love to hear about it and so would a bunch of other customers who may be considering the same products. If you wouldn't mind taking a minute to write a review about the products you've purchased, we'd sure appreciate it.

Remember: You will receive a special promo code upon completing a review that you can use for your next purchase!

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