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8 Benefits of Owning a Butterfly Knife

8 Benefits of Owning a Butterfly Knife

Posted by Matt Reeder on Jun 15th 2021

Knife enthusiasts the world over love a knife that fuses functionality and style. If that describes you, then you must include a butterfly knife in your arsenal. These tools are an excellent choice for everyday carrying, both for their use as tools and self-defense weapons.

In case you're unfamiliar with them, butterfly knives (or balisongs, as they're also known) feature two counter-rotating handles that open to reveal a blade. This blade is usually single-edged, but some are double-edged. Virtually all of these blades are steel.

If you're curious about butterfly knives but aren't sure if they're right for you, then this article is your perfect resource! We'll cover eight benefits to owning a butterfly knife that is sure to convince you of its worth.

1. Safer EDC Knife than Many Folding Knives

The traditional folding knife is, without doubt, the standard for EDC purposes. These knives have a long tradition that dates back to the Iron Age and with good reason. Their compact size and straightforward mechanics make them a practical tool.

However, folding knives have their drawbacks. The most common folding knives don't have a locking mechanism, which means your blade could slide open in your pocket. You can imagine the sorts of injuries an incident like this could cause.

Butterfly knives have no such problem. Two different features make it safer to carry a butterfly knife than a folding one. First, the two handles completely conceal the blade. It doesn't have the same risk of sliding out.

Additionally, most butterfly knives have a locking mechanism to keep the two blade handles together. Many butterfly knives are also smaller when closed than a folding knife.

2. Excellent Butterfly Knife Blade Quality

Butterfly knives boast incredibly durable blades for a pocket knife. Several offer top-quality steels like Damascus or stainless. Furthermore, the handle design of balisongs adds to the blade's usefulness.

The two knife handles combine to make a sturdy, thick handle that provides you with more control. Also, because blades can be longer for a balisong than a folding knife, they are better suited to cutting certain thicker materials.

3. No Need for a Sheath

If you're a fan of fixed-blade knives, then you know how annoying it is to spend all that extra money on sheathes to carry your knife. Fans of fixed-blade knives tend to prefer them to folding knives for their longer blades.

After all, where else could you find a blade that's more than three or four inches long?

The answer is in a butterfly knife. As mentioned before, butterfly knives allow for longer blades than the average folding knife. They also feature a bit more control and precision due to the handle style.

However, another benefit for knife carriers is that these long-bladed knives never require a sheath. Because the knife handles fold to conceal the blade, they render sheaths redundant. You can save money and carry your knife with confidence.

4. Survival With a Butterfly Knife

Chances are that if you're a knife lover, self-defense is probably a high priority for you. If that's the case, then the butterfly knife is still an excellent choice for you.

Balisongs have another advantage over their folding knife counterparts: you can get their blades out much faster.

Imagine a scenario where somebody is attacking you. Do you want to have to reach into your pocket, pull out your knife, and use both hands to unfold the blade? Of course not! It's too time-consuming in a situation where every second counts.

Now imagine you have a butterfly knife. Because both handles rotate, you could grip on the handle and spin the blade free to defend yourself. This leaves you a free hand to defend against attacks or to hold your attacker at bay.

Alternatively, you don't even have to open your blade. With their dense handles, these knives also excel as non-lethal blunt force objects with which to defend yourself.

5. Butterfly Knife Tricks

It's impossible to discuss butterfly knives without mentioning their tricks. Just as cowboys in Westerns get to look awesome spinning their revolvers, you can look just as flashy with your butterfly knife skills.

If you want to focus on learning lots of spins and twirls, you should probably use a blunt-edged knife. This way, you don't cut your fingers. The first trick you should learn is to open and close your knife with one hand. The swift motion this requires never fails to impress!

6. A Diversity of Styles

Something about these knives brings out the creativity in their makers. These knives come in a whole host of color schemes, blade designs, and fantasy-inspired patterns. You're sure to find something you love if you spend a little time looking!

7. A Truly Versatile Tool

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can use these knives for. Their durable blades and sharpened edge make them useful for cutting just about any material, from twine to vegetables.

8. A Cost-Effective Option

The adage goes, "You get what you pay for." With knives, this saying always rings true. However, you don't have to break the bank to purchase a top-quality, durable knife. This is especially true if you do online shopping and cut out the middle man.

Butterfly knives come in a wide range of prices. Several high-end knives cost a few hundred dollars. However, you can find plenty of solid EDC knives for as low as thirty dollars. This makes butterfly knives every bit as affordable as a classic folding knife.

Add a Butterfly Knife to Your Collection!

A butterfly knife is a tremendously reliable tool that can last you for years. Whether you want one to learn stylish tricks on or to help you cut down boxes at the warehouse, butterfly knives are sure to do the trick.

If you think a butterfly knife could bring some life to your collection, then check out our selection today!