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High End Raijin Samurai Katana - Black Sword

High End Raijin Samurai Katana - Black Sword
High End Raijin Samurai Katana - Black Sword
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The Ryumon RaJiin Katana has a hand forged and folded AISII060 carbon steel blade meticulously crafted for a damascus look. Heat treated with traditional processes, the razor sharp edge has a hardness of roughly -57Rc and a softer spine (-+5Rc) to absorb shocks. A one-piece brass construction habaki (blade collar) enables the blade to fit securely into the say (scabbard). The tsuba (guard) of this sword features a reproduction of "Rajin" (the god of thunder), based on the work of Tawaraya Sotatsu, a master painter of the edo period. The saya (scabbard) is lacquered to a super high gloss finish with inlaid brass sakura (cherry blossom flower). Authentic ray skin (same) is used to wrap, the tsuka (handle). 50th the sageo andita are woven from imported Japanese silk for a sleek and elegant look. The koiguchi (scabbard mouth) andkojiri (scabbard tip) are made with genuine water buffalo horn. Each sword comeplete with hang tag, a silk sword bag, a cleaning kit, a reference guide, and Certificate of authenticity all packaged in a lacquered wooden box. Overall length 42", blade 28", and handle 11"

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