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Learn the Best Way to Clean Your Sword

It is essential to keep all swords clean and well protected. Cleaning your sword regularly after use is critical to lasting longer, maintain its shiny look and prevent it from getting rusted.

Swords, even those stored, should be cleaned on a regular basis as oils on the blade wear off with time and need to be re-applied. In addition, moisture can build up in the scabbard and expose the blade to rust. Swords require special attention during cleaning to prevent accidental cuts and ensure it is properly cleaned.

Sword cleaning kit

To ensure your sword is properly cleaned, it is essential to use a sword cleaning kit. To clean a sword you will need:

  • Nuguigami. Also referred to as rice paper, nuguigami is a sword cleaning paper that wipes dust and removes excess oil from the blade
  • Cotton cleaning cloths. Used in the application of oil on the blade
  • Uchiko ball. This is a silk ball that contains finely ground stone powder that is used in polishing the sword and removing any rough patches on the blade
  • Blade oil. Commonly referred to as Choji oil, it prevents the blades from rusting
  • Brass hammer. This hammer is used to dismantle the sword to facilitate cleaning of all areas.

How to clean a sword

Please use extreme caution when cleaning a sword or any weapon.
  1. Carefully and gently remove the sword from the scabbard using your right hand to minimize accidental cutting.
  2. Using a clean piece of rice paper (nuguigami), wipe any dirt or oil on the blade. Ensure you wipe the sword’s grooves by pinching the rice paper between your fingers. Use the paper once and discard it.
  3. Once oil and dirt have been removed, tap the Uchiko ball a few inches along the whole length of the blade’s flat surface. Use a piece of rice paper to rub the powder onto the blade. Repeat the process on both sides of the flat surface. You can use a piece of cloth or clean rice paper to remove and particles on the blade once you are through with polishing. Redo this step if results are unsatisfactory.
  4. Put little drops of blade oil on the flat surface of the blade and use a clean piece of cloth to evenly distribute the oil around the blade surface. Repeat the process on the other flat blade surface. It is important to ensure the blade collar has little oil to prevent blade damage which is caused by too much oil.
  5. Sheath the sword and return it to its display area of storage.

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