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How to Defend Yourself With Brass Knuckles (the Right Way!)

Since humans have first walked the Earth, weapons have developed and been wielded by all people. Some with weapons may have bad or downright evil intentions

But with danger so prevalent everywhere, many want a weapon for self-defense and peace of mind.

For those who want simple protection with a weapon they can control, brass knuckles are a great option. For many generations, these easily-concealed can fit snug on your hand and do more than enough damage to protect yourself.

Throwing a punch with a bare hand is very painful and can be costly, especially to someone who doesn't fight frequently. The concept of brass knuckles has been recreated with other gloves and added-on weapons, but many choose to stick to the original model.

They are an excellent option, as long as you know how to use them! Continue reading for all you need to know on brass knuckles, especially how to defend yourself with them.

Brass Knuckles Origin and History

To understand how to wield brass knuckles, you should first know their history. The use of brass knuckles goes back centuries and there have been many iterations and nicknames of the weapon.

A version of brass knuckles was first brought about as early as before the common era during Ancient Rome. In those times they had gloves or items wrapped around their knuckles, setting the framework for what would become brass knuckles.

When metals like brass and steel became more available, knuckle weapons started to look a lot more like they do today. As people realized how convenient while still powerful brass knuckles are, they got even more popular.

There is a record of numerous nations using brass knuckles for their military, citizens using them for self-protection, or both. The 18th through the 20th centuries was a sort of golden age for the weapon where many different types were invented.

In that era, guns had not advanced significantly yet and battles within wars were still fought on the ground. Since then, brass knuckles are still very popular but are used primarily for personal protection by private citizens.

You may have heard brass knuckles also referred to as knuckledusters, a classic, or a paperweight. It has also been called an English punch, or just simply knuckles or knucks.

How to Use Brass Knuckles

When selecting your knuckles, there are plenty of options to choose from. But what is the correct way to throw a punch with brass knuckles? This is crucial information to have.

You shouldn't swing your arms or try to land a punch with brass knuckles the same way that you would with your hands. Focus on connecting with a side swat across the target.

There is a phrase in sports: let the club do the work (in golf), or let the bat do the work (in baseball). This means that the mechanism you are swinging with is powerful and if you connect accurately and at the right pace power isn't an issue.

Bring that mentality and then some if you are ever trying to land a punch with brass knuckles. Knowing how to use brass knuckles and how to punch with them couldn't be more important.

Variations of Brass Knuckles

For generations, folks have been either adding items to the knuckles or even attaching the knuckles to other weapons. Brass knuckles can be found in steel, chrome, aluminum, plastic, wood, and of course, brass.

A very common addition to brass knuckles is an extra force upon the rounded area that goes over the fingers. Folks have added knives, spikes, or other bumped raises to the rings. Already a heavy, very dangerous weapon, this makes them even more lethal.

Then came the combination knuckles. Countries like Germany or the U.S. have added brass knuckles to knives and guns very frequently over the past few hundred years. You can also find them on keychains or belts.

Finally, there are many different sizes and shapes of the standard brass knuckle. The rings that wrap around the fingers can be either very thick (and heavier) or thinner. Some have rings that wrap around two or three fingers instead of four.

Brass Knuckles Defense

One of the biggest keys to brass knuckles is understanding what to do and what not to if you ever need to defend yourself. First off, make sure to have the knuckles handy and accessible at all times. At the first feeling of danger, pull them out every time without hesitation to be on the safe side.

If you are locked into an intense fight, you may need more than one blow with your brass knuckles. But if you are defending yourself with brass knuckles, focus on only landing one punch.

That should be more than enough to give you plenty of time to safely flee the scene.

Buying Brass Knuckles

Since the entire point of the brass knuckles is the power behind them, quality is crucial. You need the best to truly protect yourself, not a phony imitator. Do your homework before you buy any weapon, but especially something like knuckles where the quality is make-or-break.

A brand you can trust is the best way to go when you're looking where to buy brass knuckles. We offer stress-free shopping with a 30-day, money-back guarantee, as well as the best customer service in the business.

Are Brass Knuckles Illegal?

Around the world, brass knuckles are illegal in many countries and partially illegal in others. In the U.S., the federal government doesn't have much of a stance in the matter and has left it up to the states.

The 50 states are split three ways on their stance. Some states have brass knuckles as completely illegal, while others have it legal only with a permit. Finally, there are states where the weapon is legal.

In 11 states, like Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina, they are legal. In 21 states, mostly on the west coast and in the northeast, knuckles are illegal. The remaining 18 states in the southeast and midwest have it as partially legal, normally only if you have a permit.

Now You Know

Before employing brass knuckles as a defense item in your life, it is best to read up on them and understand how they work. If you don't use brass knuckles the right way, not only will they be less effective, but they could also hurt you.

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