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Learn the Best Way to Display Your Swords

It can be quite enjoyable to collect unique, rare, and beautiful swords. After all, the hunt of locating such a sword is half the fun. However, many sword collectors are faced with the problem of how to display swords as there are certain traditions that should be respected when displaying them.

It is important to determine the value, the age, and the cultural influences of the sword that is being displayed. It wouldn’t make much sense to display an inexpensive replica in a lavish wall display. Conversely, it wouldn’t make much sense to display a rare one-of-a-kind sword on a standard sword rack.

If the sword is historical or ancient, then it should not be directly exposed to the air as it may impact the sword thus reducing its value. Finally, respect the cultural influence of the sword. For example, it is considered taboo to display a Japanese Katana with the blade facing down.

Standing sword displays are fairly easy to use. Mountable display racks are a different story. Mounting a sword display rack on the wall can be complicated. Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the quality of the display case you're using. The higher quality, the better, and we have a large selection of high quality sword displays available.

To mount the display case on the wall, follow these simple steps:
  1. Search for the stud in the wall with a stud finder.
  2. Mark the location of the stud with a small pencil. 
  3. Drill holes into the marked stud locations. 
  4. Insert a screw anchor into the stud locations followed by inserting the screw into the anchor that will create a solid support for the display to hang from. Note that some people prefer to attach a small stained wooden block to the stud, and then attach the screws to the wooden block instead of the stud. This adds extra support and is the preferred method when mounting a sword with a large handle as it helps prevent the handle from resting against the wall. 
  5. Hang the display on the mounting screws using the attached hardware that was included with the display. If the case did not come with any hardware, then drill a hole through the display case backing and secure it with a bolt and washer.
  6. Place the sword in the display case.
  7. Enjoy!

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