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Things to know about the Katana sword

The Japanese Katana sword, also commonly known as the Samurai sword, has been used by Japanese warriors (Samurai) for thousands of years. From its introduction during the Muromachi period which lasted from 1392 to 1573, this sword is generally associated with the Japanese feudal age.

The Katana sword is one of the most revered and well respected weapons among the Japanese not only because of its powerful abilities but also the common belief that the Katana was part of the Samurai’s soul. To date, the sword is regarded as one of the best fighting weapons in the medieval period in Japan. Its unique appearance is characterized by a curved and slender single edged blade. It is approximately 60 to 73 cm long and weighs around 1.2 kg. Its squared or circular guard with a long grip enables the user to hold it by both hands. It was hand forged by a select group of highly skilled blacksmiths using Tamahagane (Japanese steel). Its forging process required persistence, patience and religious devotion as each sword making stage was accompanied by a ritual.

How to maintain the Katana

Maintaining the Katana sword was a key duty for every Samurai. This involved regular cleaning, oiling and polishing. The sword must be cleaned immediately after being used so as to prevent rust. It must also be checked regularly for hidden corrosion or damaged mekugi pins.For proper cleaning, one needs to have a nuguigami (wiping paper made exclusively for swords.) Choji oil which prevents the blade from rusting, Uchiko ball (a finely ground stone powder contained in a silk ball used for polishing) and an oiling cloth.

How much do Katana swords cost?

Even though the Katana swords are no longer being made using traditional Japanese sword making process, there are several traditional handmade Katana swords held by sellers and collectors. The value of this swords is mainly determined by age, condition, and makers. For sword lovers who are concerned about costs, they can still get inexpensive Katana swords from reliable sellers.

When seeking to buy a Katana sword, it is important to only buy from reputable sellers as there are several Katana sword scams. Reputation of a seller can easily be found by checking their online reviews in forums and customer feedback. In addition, the seller must offer quality customer service and be able to answer any questions you might have concerning the sword. Swords Knives and Daggers is one of the most trusted and reputable sword sellers.

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