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Learning about Samurai swords

Samurai swords are a type of sword with Japanese origins. They are also referred to as the Daito, Katana, or Tachi. The sword is typically made from Tamahagane, a Japanese steel. Its production began during the 12th century, and the sword became a recognized symbol in the Japanese martial arts industry. Furthermore, many people have referred to it as the deadliest martial arts weapon.

Samurai Sword History

Towards the end of the 14th century, the Samurai sword was standardized effectively in accordance to the Tokugawa shoguns regulations. The more than two hundred years of fighting had lowered the quality of the swords, because the makers concentrated on mass production, rather than quality--that led to the loss of the olden sword making methods, and the Samurai swords made during that time could not match the quality of the olden swords.

Higher quality swords were only created after peaceful times returned to Japan. In the 16th and 17th centuries, most sword smiths attempted to rediscover the olden sword making techniques. However, the sword smiths did not stay in business for long because the in 1876, the Haitorei edict banned people from carrying guns and swords on the streets. This lowered the demand of swords, and many sword smiths had to go out of business.

The soldiers serving in the imperial army, and the police were the only ones allowed to carry swords. Today, the Samurai swords made using the traditional method are referred to as Shinsakuto, meaning newly made swords. In addition, the Japanese currently consider the Samurai sword as, an art object and not a weapon. Moreover, many consider the manufacture of the sword a sacred art.

Samurai Sword Facts

In terms of length, the Samurai sword is about 60 to 70 centimeters long. When purchasing a Samurai sword, it is important for one to make sure that the grip is properly fixed to the blade. If the grip is not properly fixed, it is likely that the sword is a replica. Using a sword that doesn't have a properly fixed grip can be dangerous. Today, the martial arts that teach the use of the sword include Iaido, Aikijiujitso, Kendo, Battojutsu, and Iaijutsu.

In conclusion, the Samurai sword is a well designed weapon that requires careful use, as well as training. If you are a martial arts enthusiast, you should consider getting yourself a Samurai sword, and add it to your sword collection.

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