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Armory Replicas The Cursed Black Knight Functional Medieval Cuirass Gorget Set L
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Armory Replicas The Cursed Black Knight Functional Medieval Cuirass Gorget Set L

Who has ever said that elegance and deadly efficiency could not make a successful combination? Surely not an experienced warrior! A fighter can look as good as the most experienced veteran or the deadliest black knight and still be able to move freely, twist, bend and even dodge. This 16g steel cuirass and gorget set looks wicked cool with its black iron finish and scalloped pure brass rimming details. The gorget can be attached by an authentic leather strap located on the chest and upper back area of the cuirass. Whether you are very tall, average height, or even quite short, one thing is sure: you will really love the clever way that this cuirass can be adjusted. Leather buckle straps on each side of the cuirass allow adjustment to a custom comfortable fitment. And soon you will see why such simple but light and efficient plackart were popular among XV century soldiers. Just wear it over a nice black gambeson or a sturdy chainmail and you can be sure that you will strike a great impression at your next event! They can be purchased alone or as a part of our deadly beautiful “The Cursed Black Knight" armor set. Overall Length (Cuirass): 13.5 inches, Overall Length (Gorget): Approximately 5.5 inches, Overall Width (Cuirass): 23 inches, Overall Width (Gorget): Approximately 12 inches

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