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Our Founder Mark Angelo April 19, 1956 - December 28, 2021

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to our founder. He lost his battle with the Covid 19 virus this week. He was a beloved husband, father, son and friend to so many. He will be forever missed.

Mark started SKD 18 years ago and it was his life's passion. He worked tirelessly on the site handling every aspect of the business for so many years. He and his son, Matt, worked together to grow the company to what it is today. In his life he worked on everything he did by always doing the very best that he could. He was loved by everyone he touched, from our landlord, to the UPS driver, to customers and vendors. His compassion and kindness to people was demonstrated in everything he did.

Mark, my dad, was one of the smartest people I have ever known. He was an amazing husband that adored his wife like nothing I have ever seen. He always showed his employees grace and worked to make this place an incredible place to work.

My dad was a great father that helped shape and mold me into the man that I am today. His silent force in my life was amazing. He lived by example and all that is good in me came from him. He was a great business partner and I will miss him tremendously.

I will do everything I can to run this company in the best way I can and continue on his life's work to grow and expand our company and make him proud.

I know that if he was hear he would say thank you to all of the thousands of customers we have serviced over the years. He loved this business and the products we sell. I truly think he had the SKU of every product memorized and could recall any of the 6000 products without looking them up.

He was loved by all and will be missed forever.

Thanks Dad for being the man you were and the example you were to everyone you met.


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