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Automatic Dark Transient Stiletto Knife
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Automatic Dark Transient Stiletto Knife

The sleek streamlined design is a fan favorite while the bayonet style blade is practical. The black finish protects the blade and reduces glare.  Stainless steel was used to construct the blade so rusting will not be an issue.  Steel was used in the design of the bolsters and frame.  The handle is made from wood and stained to protect the material. The push button release deploys the blade with smooth perfection.  Included is a nylon sheath and a safety lock is featured on the front. Overall Length: 9.62 Inches. REQUIRED FORM FOR SWITCHBLADES & AUTOMATIC KNIVES

    Product Reviews

    Review Rating: 4
    Cool Ass Knife This Stiletto knife is super cool, and already sharpened (which I couldn't tell at first lol). It's fun to open and close and I love just fiddling with it, but it doesn't always click and stay open. Also at one point the little "bolt" or metal piece holding the knife together at the bottom of the wooden part fell out and the metal piece in the knife came out too. It took me like half an hour to realize what happened and how to put it back together, and it's still working fine, but you just have to be careful with I guess. Anyways, dope ass knife, and I do plan on buying some other Stilettos in the future!
    Echo Klein , Michigan

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