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Benevolent Master Assisted Action Pocket Knife
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Benevolent Master Assisted Action Pocket Knife

For those who seek fame, fortune, or power there will always be a price to be paid in the end and there will be an end but on whos term? Yours? Probably not but he will come for you when he is ready. The Benevolent Master did not become all powerful by taking it easy on people but he does like his games.  Built into his contracts each corrupted soul will have a chance to escape their fate.  At the time when the deal is being made each pitiful soul will get a unique blade that is constructed in a way to collect souls of victims for this daemon during the duration of their contract. Depending on the amount of power the Master had to use to complete the request depends on how many souls that must be gathered. The trick is you never know how many you need to obtain till the time of judgment.  The steel double walled handle features molded aluminum scales that show you the location of the meeting place when you are called. The Master is most power underground surrounded by death so you must travel down deep into the depths of the catacombs. Steel bolsters with a stone finish gives this blade its rugged appeal. A liner lock with a steel frame makes this knife sturdy and long lasting for years of service. The blade has the true appearance of the daemon that bonded you to him with a spell so that you cannot take his souls and sell them to another to save your miserable soul. Constructed out of steel with a stone finish and partial serration this knife is ruthless. Use the flicker for fast action when the opportunity arises to serve him and with a pocket clip you can always be ready for that moment. How many souls can you gather? Specifications: Overall Length: 8 Inches Blade Length: 3.5 Inches Blade Material: Stainless Steel Handle Length: 4.5 Inches Handle Material: Aluminum with Steel Frame Liner Lock Drop Point Blade Partial Serration Stone Finish Double Walled Handle Belt Clip

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