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Colonial Powder Horn w/Brass Screw
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Colonial Powder Horn w/Brass Screw

Authentically crafted with great care and attention to detail, this powder horn is representative of the kind commonly used with muskets in the 18th century before the development of breech loading weapons. A uniquely American innovation from colonial times, the external brass screw tip facilitates refilling the horn by serving as a funnel. The top of the horn is closed off by a wood enclosure which also serves to hold one end of the leather shoulder strap, the screw cap serves to hold the other end in place when closed shut. Made from real bull horn, it is naturally hollow and waterproof and ensures that powder is guaranteed to not detonate from inadvertent sparks during storage and loading as brass is a nonferrous alloy. Length: 12 Inches (approximate) Material: Natural bull horn, brass external screw cap/funnel, wooden end cap, Genuine leather strap.