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Consecrated Ground Spring Assisted Trench Knife
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Consecrated Ground Spring Assisted Trench Knife

Consecrated ground is any place or space that has been liturgically blessed, or where some sacred object such as a church is built or has stood. The transfer of the remains from overcrowded Paris cemeteries to the catacombs could begin after the blessing and consecration of the site on April 7th 1786, and it continued until 1788, always at nightfall and following a ceremony whereby a procession of priests in surplices sang the service for the dead along the route taken by the carts loaded with bones, which were covered by a black veil. Don’t be fooled by this resting place for the dead it is anything but peaceful. The catacombs are a dangerous place so to keep you safe and secure the Consecrated Ground Spring Assisted Trench Knife is a must have. At any time the tunnels may flood or collapse sometimes making a hole above ground. True the most dangerous parts have been closed off but there is always the threat of getting lost so some sort of protection is needed. The Consecrated Ground is constructed with a stainless steel blade with an anodized black finish with a flaming skull on the blade. The handle is double walled with a steel frame and liner lock. It is constructed of zinc aluminum with a molded design of four skulls with a cross. The cross represents the religious aspects of the combs while the skulls give an eerie to the reminder bones on display. The best feature of this knife is how the handle is not just a handle but a knuckle too. Included is this frightening piece is a steel belt clip to secure it onto your belt or pocket.

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