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Decorative Storage BA Knives Burial Mound Box
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Decorative Storage BA Knives Burial Mound Box

The BA knife box is made from MDF board with an elegant charcoal wood grain veneer.  Centered in the middle of the lid is the BA knife logo.  The shell style closure and hinges are made from steel.  Open the lid and inside is high density foam that is perfectly fitted for the BA knives listed below. This box can be used to give one of these great knives as a gift or for storage of a BA knife you already own. Overall Length: 7.38 Inches Please Note- Knife in image is not included. 1.    7B2-6PA21-55BKRD- Tactical Automatic Gold Standard Knife 2.    6PA21-55CA- Delta Force Tarantula Auto OTF Knife Digital Camo 3.    7C1-6PA21-55D- Ultimate Diamondback Fast Action OTF Knife 4.    7C1-6PA21-55B- American Tanto Bounty Hunter Dual Auto OTF 5.    7C1-6PA21-55E- Automatic Dual Action Ghost Army Tactical Knife   6.    7C1-6PA21-55C- OTF Head Hunter Dual Action Auto Knife 7.    7C1-6PA21-55A- OTF Hell on Wheels Automatic Dual Action Knife 8.    7C1-6PA21-55F- Dual Action Huntmens Elite Tactical OTF Knife 9.    7B3-PA2171- Automatic Cold Front Tactical Pocket Knife 10.    7B3-PA2173- Tactical Dust Devil OTF Automatic Knife