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Gallant Gallivants Pure Brass Chape
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Gallant Gallivants Pure Brass Chape
Gallant Gallivants Pure Brass Chape is a pure brass chape that would fit at the end of a renaissance style belt.  This decorated chape features circles, and a heart shape in the center.  Medieval belt buckles ranged from the simply functional to the beautiful and elaborate. Belt buckles of this time period featured the chape, an oblong case of metal to which the girdle or belt was affixed.  Many belt mounts and chapes on women's belts were made from silver, although very often pewter was used to make imitation silver belt mounts.  During the 15th century, pewter belt mounts were widely produced, especially after the restrictions were lifted.  This pure brass is much better quality than some of those in medieval times unless you were royalty. Length: 1.75 inches      Width: .75 inches     Material: 100% Polished Brass     Finish: Antique