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Handcrafted Horn Renaissance Soup Spoon
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Handcrafted Horn Renaissance Soup Spoon

A soup spoon is a type of spoon with a large bowl for consuming soup hence the name Soup Spoon. This spoon is handmade and polished from all natural horn.  Since it is made from a natural element colors will vary and each one is unique.  This spoon does not have to be limited just to soup because horn spoons are still used for eating boiled eggs because they don't tarnish (like silver) from the sulfurous yolk. They are also used for caviar, because a silver spoon would unpleasantly affect the taste of the delicate roe.  However you choose to use your spoon you will certainly be delighted in your choice of this one. Please Note: Bowls are not included. Specifications: Overall Length: 7 Inches Bowl Width: 2 Inches Material: Natural Horn Features: Surface Polished Species: Bovine Features: 100% Horn Handmade