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Infantry Briquet Napoleonic War Sabre Sword
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Infantry Briquet Napoleonic War Sabre Sword

Sabres were commonly used by the British in the Napoleonic era for light cavalry and infantry officers, as well as others. The Briquet sabre was authorized by the British Government in 1803 for use by infantry officers during the wars against Napoleon.  The Briquet here is constructed with a carbon steel blade in sabre style. The edge is dull which is perfect for re-enactments or the theater.  The ribbed hilt is made from aluminum alloy with a golden finish that matches the aluminum tip and throat and the scabbard.  The scabbard is wood that has been wrapped with leather and hand sewn. Specifications: Overall Length: 30.50 Inches in Scabbard Blade Length: 22 Inches Blade Material: Carbon Steel Blade Thickness: 4.88 mm Blade Width: 1.38 Inch Handle Length: 5.50 Inches Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy Features: Wooden Scabbard Handmade