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Lady of the Manor Medieval Leather Collar
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Lady of the Manor Medieval Leather Collar

The lady of the manors role is most often perceived as being subservient and attending to housewifely duties. Although this was all true the Lady would have to do much more. The lady of the manor had to take over the running of the house when her husband was gone. She was a figure of authority. She would attend gatherings and be seen out in society.   As the Lord hosted dinners for special guests, the lady of the manor would need to dress the part. Or dress to impress as they say.  Chokers and collars were often worn to complete a ladys ensemble.  The Lady of the Manor Medieval Leather Collar has been tanned and stained brown.  The center features a casted brass adornment that has been antiqued and sealed.  There is a tooled straight line border as well as an adjustable leather lace.  Wear your best as you entertain the Lords and Ladies of the land but dont forget to accessorize with Lady of the Manor Medieval Leather Collar. Specifications: Overall Length:  14 Inches Center Width: 3. 75 Inches Side Width: 2 Inches Material: Leather, Brass Decoration Dimensions: 3 x 2.63 Inches Minimum Circumference: 12 Inches Adjustable Handmade