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Medieval Bascinet Klappvisor Helmet
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Medieval Bascinet Klappvisor Helmet

Though simple, our Medieval Bascinet Klappvisor Helmet has an effective rounded face design which aids in deflecting and dissipating the force of a strike. The hinged visor can be raised and it can also be secured in the down position with an adjustable leather strap. The helmet has brass fixtures on the bottom of the exterior that a chainmail aventail can be fitted to if desired. The klapvisor was most popular style in 14th century Germany and Northern Italy. Though it fell out of favor in Italy later in the century, the Klappvisor style visor would still be used on helmets in the German principalities into the 15th century. Constructed of 16 guage steel, this helmet is amazing for reenactments, LARPing, SCA Events, or just as a finishing touch to your costume or collection. Total Length: 14 Inches Total Width: 8 Inches Sizing: Adjustable- One Size Fits; Cir 26.77 Material: 16g Steel and Genuine Leather; Oiled

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