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Medieval Royal Prestige Brass Adornment
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Medieval Royal Prestige Brass Adornment

During Medieval times the upper class was expected to dress in fashion wearing lavish gowns and costumes.  Adornments covered leather belts, bags, and baldrics.  Shoes were even decorated with large buckles and bows.  The higher up you were the more exuberant the outfits.  Decorations like the Medieval Royal Prestige Brass Adornment would have been seen on the daily.  People of the middle ages are not the only ones who like their adornments.  Nowadays we would use such an item like this on wrist cuffs, purses, chokers or collars. Made from real brass with an antique finish this emblem will look great on any craft or clothing. This unique decoration can be used in all sorts of things.  Three prongs on the back allow you to adhere this adornment to customize your project. Put your imagination to the test with the Medieval Royal Prestige Brass Adornment. Specifications: Overall Length: 2.63 Inches Overall Width: 2.86 Inches Material: Brass Finish: Antiqued Handmade