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Merciless Intentions Spear Point Automatic OTF Knife
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Merciless Intentions Spear Point Automatic OTF Knife

Arm yourself with the ultimate protection that is an Out the Front knife.  Out the front knives are great because they provide immediate security with just the push of a button.  This OTF in particular is a double action, meaning that you can eject and contract the blade with the same button instead of manually having to close it. Not to mention the all-around badass look this knife already has. The blade is forged of stainless steel with a spear point style and menacing two toned finish. If that isnt enough to seal the deal, just look at the handle. Made with incredibly durable zinc ally and a carbon fiber finish and glass breaker on the tip, whats not to love? To top it all off, you get a cool nylon sheath to tote this bad boy around in. Overall Length: 8.38 Inches REQUIRED FORM FOR SWITCHBLADES & AUTOMATIC KNIVES