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Medieval Rapier Swept Hilt Square Guard Sword
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Medieval Rapier Swept Hilt Square Guard Sword
Elegant and refined with smooth lines, this rapier is made for perfect display and showing purposes in mind. With a blade that measures out to just over 36 inches in length, the 43 inch pin-point reach of this sword shows its excellence in the primary function of a rapier as a piercing weapon designed for long range thrusts in one-on-one fencing and sparring. The guard of the sword is intricately built in a swept hilt design with a double concentric ring guard and a square fore-guard. Overall Length: 47.25 Inches (in scabbard), 43 inches (out of scabbard). Blade Length: 36.375 Inches. Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel, Mirror polished finish. Includes: Black wood scabbard.