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Sapphire Lights Large Suede Leather Pouch
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Sapphire Lights Large Suede Leather Pouch

During the medieval era, colors used in a persons wardrobe often depicted the social status of an individual. When suede was introduced, the texture and strength signified a sense of higher financial status of a person vs. another person because of how rare suede was at the time. The Sapphire Lights Large Suede Leather Pouch is graced with a light blue color in which signifies tranquility, peace and calmness. This color is usually carried by those of the most honorable statures and significance. Those individuals often used the pouch for holding fruits, supplies from the market, extra clothing and many other small objects that could be troublesome to hold while on a long journey. So when this Lights of the Sapphire Lights Large Suede Leather Pouch is in public, people will understand what royalty looks like. Specifications Bag Material: Suede Leather Weight: 0.45lbs Length w/ Belt Loop: 10.85 in. Length w/o Belt Loop: 10.1 in. Width: 5.5 in Height: 0.5in Belt Loop Length: .75 in. Belt Loop Width: 1.25 in Belt Loop Height: 0.5 in Adornment Material: Brass

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