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Slap and Tickle Handmade Suede Flogger
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Slap and Tickle Handmade Suede Flogger

The basics of flogging are to strike a specific area of the back repeatedly and accurately, to allow a buildup of endorphins, then move to another spot to strike a few times, and so on. For the newbies, start with a lighter, more gentle flogger before working your way up to bigger floggers once you gain more experience and practice. The best type of whip to start with is a light suede or horse hair flogger or cat of nine tails. The suede flogger we have here is just perfect.  Not only are the tresses soft but the colors are stunning.  The wooden handle is covered by a weaved black and purple suede that is adhered with decorative studs.  A wrist strap is provided so you do not lose your grip on your flogger.  6 thick long tresses adorn the bottom so you and your mate can have a little fun.   Date night just got a whole lot more interesti8ng with a little slap and tickle. Specifications: Overall Length: 25.75 Inches Handle Length:  9.50 Inches Handle Width: 1.25 Inch Wrist Strap Length: 6 Inches Tresses Length: 16.50 Inches Material: Suede Features: Color: Purple and Black Decorative Steel Studs Braided Pattern 6 Tresses Handmade

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