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Somber Eternity Skull Brass Pendant Necklace
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Somber Eternity Skull Brass Pendant Necklace

The skull has been used throughout history to symbolize many different things to many different groups.  The most common symbolic use of the skull is as a representation of death and mortality. In Shakespeare's Hamlet the skull was a symbol of melancholy as it was a decapitated head of a martyr. When the skull is represented in Nazi SS insignia, the death's-head (Totenkopf) deals with the fear of death and a skull and crossbones is featured on say a container it signifies poison. Flown on a flag as a Jolly Roger it epitomizes the pirates' ruthlessness and despair. There is so much information on different customs and meaning behind the symbolism of the skull but whatever your reason the Somber Eternity Skull Brass Pendant Necklace is a stylish piece that will accentuate any outfit whether male or female.  The simple black adjustable leather necklace does not take away from the most important feature of this piece, the brass skull pendant. With special attention to detail the craftsmanship is impeccable.  This modern interpretation of an old symbol will be catching the eye of passersby for sure. Overall Length: 14.25 Inches Pendant Size:  1.13 x 1.13 Inches Pendant Material: Brass Necklace Material: Leather Adjustable: Adds 5 Extra Inches Design: Skull

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