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Sovereign Nation Kukri Hunting Knife
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Sovereign Nation Kukri Hunting Knife

This item is temporarily out of stock.
The Kukri first came along as a utility blade but quickly became known as a weapon. The kukri is effective as a chopping and slashing weapon. Because the blade bends towards the opponent, the user need not angle the wrist while executing a chopping motion. Unlike a straight-edged sword, the center of mass combined with the angle of the blade allows the kukri to slice as it chops. The edge slides across the target's surface while the center of mass maintains momentum as the blade moves through the target's cross-section. This gives the kukri a penetrative force disproportional to its length. The design enables the user to inflict deep wounds and to penetrate bone which also makes it a great knife for hunting.  This kukri comes with a 440 stainless steel blade, a short fuller, and a satin finish.  The think blade compliments the size of the think broad handle nicely.  The hand is has been smoothed and rounded for a firm yet comfortable grip.  Wood and leather stacked bands create an intricate style that is to die for. Well maybe not die for but they will surely make you take notice.  A brass guard and pommel are featured to bring brilliance to an already amazing piece but that is not all.  Included is a thick tooled leather sheath with a belt loop and snap closure. Specifications: Overall Length: 16.62 Inches Blade Length:  10.50 Inches Blade Width: 2.17 Inches Blade Thickness: 5.19mm Blade Material: 440 Stainless Steel Handle Length: 6.12 Inches Handle Thickness: .1 Inch Handle Width: 1.50 Inch Handle Material: Wood, Brass, Leather Guard Length: 2.50 Inches Guard Material: Brass Features: Brass Accents Satin Finish Kukri Blade Includes Leather Sheath

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