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The King of Spartans Rage Damascus Steel sword
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The King of Spartans Rage Damascus Steel sword

The King of the ancient Greek swords, this Damascus steel sword is powerful and famous for its unique artistic style. This sword narrows at the shoulders and widens towards the tapered and curved tip giving the forward-cleaving edge. This sword is known for its maneuverability and its sleek design allows for close combat and will deliver only the deadliest of thrusts. Damascus steel is known for its durability, sharp edges, and the technique in creating the steel blade design. The dark Pakkawood handle ensures optimal grippability with the pommel that mimics the guard which is shaped for ideal protection. This sword includes a leather sheath scalloped with darkened edges. Also, a comfortable back strap on the sheath allowing you to carry your sword with confidence. Overall Length: 31.75 Inch Features: Sharpened Blade Material: Damascus Steel Layers: 400-520HRC: 58-60 Steel: 1095/15N20 Handle Material: Pakkawood Dark Guard and Pommel: Damascus Steel Leather Sheath back strap Included Darkened Edge with Scalloped leather Specifications: Overall Length: 31.75 inches Blade Length: 25.0 inches Handle Length: 6.75 inches