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Zombie Survival Kit Ammo Can - BKCK122
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Zombie Survival Kit Ammo Can - BKCK122

This item is temporarily out of stock.

Zombie Survival Kit Ammo Can - BKCK122

You will be ready to stand your ground during the imminent Zombie Apocalypse - if you are well equipped and prepared, that is! You can be sure of yourself with this exclusive new zombie survival kit securely packed in a waterproof ammo can for immediate transport or long-term storage Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Pocket Knife; M48 Kommando Wire Saw Elite Forces Waterproof Matches 2-Pack ?Surviving The Zombie Outbreak? Book P38 G.I. Can Opener 5 Pack Texsport 6x8 ' Reversible Ripstop Tarp 50-Ft. 500-lb. Black Savage Paracord MTM Zombie Ammo Can

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