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Dream Specter Pocket Assisted Action Knife
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Dream Specter Pocket Assisted Action Knife

He will come for you in your dreams.  If you are weak in spirit beware and guard your soul; for he will appear as a friend, an angel, or even the person of your fantasies. He coaxes you in to believing that it is only a dream and gives you what you desire most but at a price.  Everything comes at a price.  His price is eternal servitude.  Playing on man at their weakest moment in their subconscious but is there something that can be done?  It is told that there are blades hidden around the world that can help. These blades can travel with you when you fall asleep and provide protection on the dream plan.  It is said that this daemon jilted a powerful sorceress appearing as her lost love to enslave her and her powers.  After battling the daemon she used her last bit of power to construct these blades to help other poor souls from falling victim to this evil being. These blades have the true appearance of the daemon etched into it with a stone finish and partial serration. Constructed out of cold steel and infused with a powerful spell makes this blade a lethal combination. The handle is contoured for a firm grip with aluminum scales and steel bolsters. A liner lock with a steel frame makes this knife sturdy and long lasting for years of combating evil. Use the flicker for fast action when the opportunity arises to cut him down and with a pocket clip you can always be ready for him at a moments notice. Specifications: Overall Length: 8 Inches Blade Length: 3.5 Inches Blade Material: Stainless Steel Handle Length: 4.5 Inches Handle Material: Aluminum with Steel Frame Liner Lock Drop Point Blade Partial Serration Stone Finish Double Walled Handle Belt Clip