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Sawback Feral Instincts Hunting Knife
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Sawback Feral Instincts Hunting Knife

Having feral instincts is relating to, or suggestive of a wild beast.  When you are out hunting and have become one with nature turning into a predator you feel alive and almost feral. Lying in wait and stalking your prey builds up the anticipation but when you have finally captured your target there is nothing like it.  Whether it is for food or sport the thrill of the hunt is still there.  With the Sawback Feral Instincts Hunting Knife it just makes the job a little easier.  This knife has a sturdy full tang construction with a stainless blade making it an ideal hunting knife. This American tanto blade is a beauty but the partial sawback spine just makes it awesome.  A tanto style blade gives you an extra cutting edge while hunting and camping in the outdoors.  The benefits of a sawback allows you to saw away small limbs if need be.  To protect the blade against rusting in all weather conditions is a black anodized finish which also is great for reducing glare.  The handle has contoured wooden scales that are adhered with rivets.  A quillion protects the users hand from slipping onto the blade and the pommel is curved under to prevent the knife from slipping out of your hand.  Included is a durable nylon sheath with belt loop. With your skillful tracking and the Sawback Feral Instincts Hunting Knife at your side the hunt has just became a little bit easier.  Overall length is 14 inches.

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